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Our Confidentiality Policy

Nespresso, including its affiliated companies and participations, is aware that you may want to know how your personal data (“Personal Data”) like name, address, telephone/fax number or e-mail address that you supply to Nespresso Turkey Gıda Ticaret A.Ş. (“Nespresso”) as the data manager is used by Nespresso. In this context we have created a Confidentiality Policy (“Policy”) that explains how your data is used and what measures are taken on a maximum scale to keep your Data confidential and secure.

1.What is Personal Data?

In the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law 6698 (PDPL) Personal Data means all types of information regarding an identified or identifiable real individual.

2.What Methods We Collect Your Personal Data with and for Which Legal Reasons We Collect It?

We act in accordance with the obligations and principles sought in relevant regulations, especially PDPL, in all Personal Data processing activities we conduct and take all administrative and technical security precautions to make sure your Personal Data is processed securely.

Per PDPL, we automatically or through methods that are not automatic, collect your Personal Data in audio, verbal, written or electronic form through the channels specified below:

• Our various websites (“Websites”), starting with our websites concerning the Nespresso brand and where personal data is processes, that are managed by Group Companies that produce or distribute Nespresso or Nespresso products, all other online channels (“Media Tools”) belonging to Group Companies that produce or distribute our mobile and other applications and Nespresso products or through cookies (“Cookies”) belonging to Nespresso or to third parties as specified below that communicate with your devices on Websites,
• Through the entire sales and marketing network (“Nespresso Stores”) channel established or operated by Nespresso or managed under the name of Nespresso,
• Through Nespresso employees that work on behalf of and for Nespresso and are employed in the sales and marketing network and/or third party employees (“Field Employees”), through forms and various means organized in the scope of sales and marketing,
• Through workplaces (“Workplaces”) that belong to or are under the control of Nespresso,
• Through accounts (“Social Media”) operated by or for Nespresso on various social media channels,
• Through correspondence conducted through various communication methods and communication tools, including our e-mail addresses (“E-mail”), short messages (“SMS”) or multimedia messages (“MMS”),
• Our call centers (“Call Center”) operated by Nespresso or third parties that Nespresso receives service from,
• Group companies, business partners, producer companies that Nespresso serves or receives service from or through third parties like companies that Nespresso supplies service/products to,

and depending on the purpose for processing it, we automatically or through methods that are not automatic, collect your Personal Data in audio, verbal, written or electronic form and process it in the scope of Article 5.1 and Article 5.2.

3. Identity of the Data Manager

In terms of the Personal Data your share through the channels specified above, the Data Manager is Nespresso Turkey Gıda Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, registered with the Istanbul Commercial Registry under number 218921, with Mersis number 0631135630200001 and company headquarters located at Büyükdere Caddesi Nurol Plaza No:255 A- Blok Kat:6 Maslak/Sarıyer.

4. Which of Your Personal Data Do We Process?

The following are samples of Personal Data that we process:

Personal Data that You Provide Us With Your name-last name, T.R. Identification number, telephone number, e-mail address, address, tax number and any information you share with us through the above mentioned channels is your Personal Data.

Various Information Including the Personal Data Collected Automatically This means your Personal Data which is collected automatically through automatic search engines, video and audio recording devices, Cookies or other tools. Data that is collected through Cookies are collected anonymously as long as you are not a member and is not of a Personal Data nature. In this scope the Internet Protocol address used to connect your computer to the internet; internet browser add-on types and versions, received and read notifications concerning e-mails; computer and connection information like log in; e-mail address, password, internet browser type and version; clock setting, operating system and platform, purchase history, URLs entered on our websites, cookies number, products you have searched or viewed, any phone numbers you have used to call our customer services line and audio video recordings taken to increase security and service quality are all examples of Personal Data.

Various Information Including the Personal Data Obtained from Other Sources Current delivery and address information that social media tools, our business partners, suppliers and other third parties have shared with us based on consent you had given previously; account information, purchase and page viewing information; searched term and search results and paid listings (like Sponsored Connections) are examples of this kind of Personal Information.

5. For What Purposes Do We Process Your Personal Data?

As a rule we process your Personal Data, on the condition of it being directly related to the establishment or execution of a contract, the processing of personal data belong to the parties of the contract being required and not in violation of the concerned individual’s basic rights and freedom, on the condition that data processing is required for the legitimate interests of the data manager or based on your clear consent. Your Personal Data can be processed without your clear consent only in the situations of exception permitted in the scope of PDPL (PDPL Article 5.2).

In this scope;

a) In the scope of PDPL Article 5.2; We process your Personal Data without your clear consent in the following situations(i) Subscriber contracts, delivering products and services ordered and purchased from websites, communicating when necessary in this scope, carrying out purchase-sale transactions in the Company Stores, POS use, returns, transport services, establishing a remote sale contract in the scope of electronic commerce, product or service sale, supply, delivery, receiving your questions and complaints, responding to you, providing after sale services, using these when necessary in a possible dispute, establishing or executing a contract or fulfilling our legal obligations or facilitating, practicing or protecting a right or (ii) on the condition of not sharing basic rights and freedoms, for reducing costs, using resources efficiently, monitoring call center quality, for the purposes of protecting our legitimate interests, not to be limited to these (ensuring your security, measuring the quality of the service provided to you, considering the requests you submit in this scope, finding solutions to these, processing on shared servers or software used operationally to reduce costs and all other processing that could be referred to in the concerned regulation). Also we are able to process the Personal Data you make public through instruments like Social Media channels without your clear consent, without exceeding the limits of the purpose for making it public, to the degree allowed in the scope of PDPL.

b) Your Personal Data, which is collected with the methods explained above through the channels specified above by being a Nespresso Club member, may be processed by us for the following purposes:

(i) To present you with special offers on products and services just for you through internet advertisement, targeting, re-targeting, cross sales, campaign, offer and product/service advertisements, making commercial offers using Cookies, preferences and your recent purchases,

(ii) To determine how you have been informed about our Website, to create non-anonymous traffic statistics through your single user record, make your Website visits more enjoyable and increase use and functionality of the Website, become acquainted with you during your Website visit and provide the possibility for you to see and scan content that has been customized according to your interests, to use Cookies for this purpose and follow your user habits according to previous records during your visits to Nespresso Stores and present you with Products exclusive to you

(iii) To present you with special advertisements, offers, advantages and other benefits for sales and marketing activities, to conduct various marketing and Customer Relations Management work and use cookies for this purpose

(iv) To create new product and service models, use cookies for this purpose

(v) To send electronic commercial transmissions (campaign, newsletter, customer satisfaction surveys, products and service advertisements)

(vi) To send prizes and promotions and various magazines/periodicals

(vii) Corporate communication and to organize various events and invitationals in this scope and provide information about such events.

In this scope you can help us serve you better by giving us your consent documents and fields that your consent is asked for the type of processing that requires consent under this Confidentiality Policy. However, this Confidentiality Policy has been organized to carry out our disclosure obligation as the Data Manager exclusively in the scope of PDPL, your consent concerning this processing will be obtained in a separate way and this processes will not be done if you do not give clear consent in the relevant channels.

6. What is Our Period to Process Your Personal Data?

Your Personal Data will be processed in accordance with regulations concerning the protection of Personal Data, PDPL in particular, and for periods required by other regulations; and in any case for as long as the legitimate interest mentioned above are present.

7. Transferring Your Personal Data to Third Parties and/or Foreign Countries

The Company may transfer your Personal Data, which has been collected from the channels and methods specified in this Confidentiality Policy in accordance with PDPL and other regulations and the purposes stated in this Confidentiality Policy, to third parties or foreign countries. Your Personal Data:

a) May be sent if there are processing purposes that do not require your clear consent in the scope of PDPL Article 5.2 to third parties in the country or in the scope of PDPL Article 9.2 to third parties we receive support from in the fields of storage, archiving, information technologies support (server, hosting, program, cloud technologies), security and call centers in foreign countries, especially EU Countries, America, England, OECD countries, Dubai, India, China and Russia; the Group Companies, business partners, supplier companies, banks, finance companies, consultants in legal, tax, etc. fields we cooperate with in the country and/or receive services from and/or that produce and distribute Nespresso and/or Nespresso products/services and other concerned parties necessary for the data to be sent to for specific purposes and authorized organizations and agencies.

b) On the condition of obtaining clear consent  in the scope of PDPL Article 5.1, 9.1 to third parties in the country or in foreign countries, especially EU Countries, America, England, OECD countries, Dubai, India, China and Russia we receive support from in the fields of storage, archiving, information technologies support (server, hosting, program, cloud technologies), security and call centers, the Group Companies, business partners, supplier companies, banks, finance companies, consultants in legal, tax, etc. fields we cooperate with in the country and/or receive services from and/or that produce and distribute Nespresso and/or Nespresso products/services, CRM companies, Marketing research companies and companies that provide support in advertisement, marketing and sales like mailing, sending SMS, etc. in the country and in foreign countries.

Also, subject to your clear consent, if a portion of Nespresso or its assets (brand, domain name and including but not limited to various commercial operation aspects) are sold, your Personal Data may be transferred to the real individuals or legal entity third parties that take transfer of these, including their stakeholders, business partners, mediators and consultants to the degree required by the takeover; with the necessary assessments being made by these third parties during the processing period this data may be processed to a limited degree and if the takeover occurs the party taking over may continue processing your Personal Data that is connected to these assets, as the data manager.

We assure you, our valued customers, for the sake of your Personal Data security that no Personal Data is processed under any condition or form in the scope of an operation that is not related to Nespresso.

8. Career Opportunities

If you wish to apply for any career opportunities that have been announced by Nespresso or that may be available in the future you may submit your Curriculum Vitae (“CV”) to us. We will match your experience and skills with the position you apply for and other existing work opportunities. If your profile matches the criteria we are looking for we will contact you.

You agree that your CV will be kept on our database for a reasonable time and then deleted. By applying you will be considered to have agreed to your CV and Data being used to evaluate your work application, to your CV and Data being transmitted to other companies and partner companies that have committed to keeping your CV and Data confidential and secure and to have permitted transmission beyond borders for this purpose. Nespresso declares and commits to using your CV and Data only concerning career opportunities.

9. The Use of Cookies

We, along with our suppliers and service providers, use cookies and similar technologies (ex. web beacons, flash cookies, etc.) (Cookies”) in order to collect information automatically, to measure and analyze the internet pages you click on and your use of the Nespresso website, to develop your Nespresso website experience, improve our services and present you with personalized advertisements on the Nespresso website or in other settings through your devices. When placed in your device, Cookies are small files that make it possible for the Nespresso website to present some features and functions. Web beacons, also called “pixel tags” or “clear GIFs”, are small graphic images or small data particles embedded in images that recognize Cookies, the time and date a page is viewed, the explanations belonging to a page in which the pixel tag is placed and your computer or other similar information in your device. If you use the Nespresso website you are considered to have accepted the use of Cookies.    

Additionally, we allow our business partners, their advertisement networks and other advertisement providers and service providers (including analysis service providers and service providers) to collect information about your online activities through Cookies. We combine information on your devices and your activities on the Nespresso website with your contact or subscriber information using your e-mail or other log-in or device information. The third parties in question will be able to use this information to show advertisements matching your areas of interest, preferences and characteristics on the Nespresso website or other online settings. Nespresso is not responsible for the confidentiality practices of the third parties in question and the data applications of these third parties are not in the scope of this Confidentiality Policy.

Your may change your browser settings to reject or inactivate Cookies. Since all browsers are different please follow the guidelines provided by your browser. We would like to point out that you may need to complete additional actions to reject or inactivate certain types of Cookies. For example, since browsers and mobile applications work differently you may need to take different actions on your browser and on your mobile applications to reject personalized advertisements. You may complete these actions on your device’s settings or your mobile application permissions. Also, the opt-out process for Cookies is special to the specific browser or device you use so you may need to do a separate process for each browser or device. If you wish to reject, inactivate or delete Cookies you may not be able to use some of the Nespresso website’s features.

10. Spam E-mail

Nespresso does not send “spam” e-mail. “Spam e-mail” are unwanted e-mail with commercial content that are generally sent to a large number of users from a source that the user has not had any contact or relation with previously or sent repeatedly from a source the user has rejected. On the contrary, in situations we think our products may be important for you, we contact you by e-mail providing you the option to reject use of this service.

11. Data and Children

No Data is requested from children under the age of 18 in order to be respectful to children’s privacy and to act in accordance with laws that protect children. Nespresso does not knowingly and intentionally collect Data from minors under 18 years of age without first obtaining the consent of the parent (mother, father, guardian, etc.), does not use this Data or disclose it.

Our internet sites are general visitor websites that do not generally harbor the intention of collecting Data from children under 18 years of age. We ask that mothers and fathers supervise their children on the internet.

12. Links to Other Websites

Our websites presented as a service to our customers may contain links to other websites that are not operated by Nespresso or are not under the control of Nespresso. In this context, Nespresso shall not be responsible or liable for the content of these websites or the confidentiality applications of these other parties. Please remember that special applications like these may be different from our Confidentiality Policy. We recommend that you thoroughly study and understand the confidentiality applications of these websites before sharing your personal information.

13. Access to Your Personal Data and Your Rights in the Scope of PDPL

Per PDPL article 11 you have the right to apply to Nespresso and;

• Find out if your personal data has been processed or not,
• If your personal data has been processed, to ask for information about this,
• Find out the purpose for processing your personal data and if it is being used in accordance with this,
• Know the third parties in the country and in foreign countries that your Personal Data has been transferred to,
• If your Personal Data has been processed incompletely or incorrectly, ask for these to be corrected,
• Ask for your Personal Data to be erased or eliminated if the reasons for processing your Personal Data to be utilized within the principles of purpose, period and legitimacy no longer exist,
• If your Personal Data is corrected, deleted or eliminated, ask for this to be notified to the third persons the Personal Data has been transferred to,
• Object if your processed Personal Data is analyzed exclusively through automatic systems and unfavorable results are generated,
• Claim damages if your Personal Data is processed illegally and you suffer damages as a result.

In this scope you may submit your demands concerning the rights stated above by completing the application form on our Website with information and documents that verify your identity or compile your own demands according to the conditions required by the Personal Data Protection Agency and submit it to Nespresso through the methods listed below.

(i) To our mailing address listed below which may change from time to time, by hand delivery with a wet signature affixed or by notary,

Address Nespresso Turkey Gıda Ticaret A.Ş.
Büyükdere Caddesi Nurol Plaza No:255 A- Blok Kat:6 34398,Maslak/Sarıyer, Istanbul (Istanbul Commercial Registry No: 218921, Mersis No: 0631135630200001

(ii) By e-mail address to our e-mail address stated below from an e-mail address you have previously notified us of or that is registered on our system (please check your e-mail address registered on our system) or to our KEP address with a secure electronic signature or mobile signature.

E-mail address

KEP address

(iii) Other methods that may be added to the above methods in the future by the Personal Data Protection Agency.

Please verify the current application methods and application content requirements first from regulations. Applications that do not comply with the content requirements specified by the Agency that are submitted by methods that are not accepted by the Agency will not be accepted.

Depending on the nature of your demand, our company will conclude the request as quickly as possible and within 30 (thirty) days at the latest, free of charge. If an expense is generated for meeting your demand, we can only charge you the fees that are specified in the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Agency.

You may always follow the regulations concerning Personal data, our applications and the changes in these applications on our website.