Wild & Complex

A Lively Blend of History.

A taste of history as coffee from the ancient Ethiopian region of Harrar mixes with Indian Arabica to create a cup rich with the exotic perfume of the East. Wild and floral notes combine with a roasted character in this potent and complex coffee. Intensity 7.

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Venice was coffee's entry point into Western Europe. Merchants sold Ethiopian and Yemeni coffee to the Venetian wealthy, charging them richly for the privilege of drinking this exciting new beverage.

Due to its oriental roots and its invigorating properties, coffee in Italy was initially considered sinful and branded a threat to Christianity. Pope Clement VII however was enomored of the unique taste and aroma, so deemed it a Christian beverage, giving rise to the first Italian coffee house.

Aromatic Profile
In this flavorful Espresso, wild ripe fruit and flowery notes, typical of Ethiopian coffees, mix with the intense notes of a long roasted Indian Arabica providing a unique, complex character.