Intense and spicy

A Lively Blend of History.

Arabian Mocha coffee from Yemen mixes with East Indies and Indian treasures to create this cup, reminiscent of the mystery of the oriental bazaar. Evocative of historical blends, it has an exotic character carrying intense roasted and black pepper spicy notes. Intensity 10

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Each sleeve contains 10 coffee capsules

In the 16th Century,İstanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire and the world's richest and most populous city.

The first historic coffee houses open in İstanbul during that period making it the birthplace of the coffee houses culture. The Ottomans discovered coffee when they conquered Yemen and exported beans from the Yemeni port of Mocha, so the coffee was named for its shipping port. Soon after, coffee seeds traveled from Mocha port to Asia taking the route to India and the East Indies, giving birth to the first coffee blends.
Aromatic Profile
In this potent Espresso, Mocha coffee's peppery and jammy notes blend harmoniously with Indian Mansooned Robusta and Indonesian Arabica to deliver a highly Intense, syrupy coffee.